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Let Your Voice Be Heard -Vote For Top 10 of 2008!!! - MovieManMenzel's MovieLand Mania [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Let Your Voice Be Heard -Vote For Top 10 of 2008!!! [Jan. 10th, 2009|03:59 pm]
MovieManMenzel's MovieLand Mania



Alright, so 2008 has ended and 2009 has quickly taken its place.  But with the new year still fresh in our mind, it is time to take a look back at all the films that made their way to theaters during the hot and spicy year.  From January's Cloverfield to this past summers Iron ManIncredible Hulk andDark Knight, to the recently released DoubtBenjamin Button and Marley and Me, there was something for everyone during 2008. 
We recently posted our 'End of Year Awards,' which you can see HERE And while I get to carry the title of 'critic' in terms of my favorites, there is very little that differs between me and you.  Because of that, I have decided that it is time for you all to voice your opinion and give us your vote for the 'Readers Top 10 List of 2008.'

So, either post a reply to this message or shoot me an e-mail at CollegeMovieReview@gmail.com and give me what you consider to be the top ten films of the year.  Make sure you number them. We will be taking lists until Tuesday night at 10 PM CST, which is when we will compile them to be posted in a Readers List.

I will be sure to post the Readers Top 10 List on here as soon as it goes live so you guys can check and see if your films make the cut.  And remember, unless you vote, you can't complain about the outcome.

So let me know your feelings about 2008, and let's all hope for an even better 2009.