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Welcome to MovieManMenzel's Movieland Mania! A community created for people who love the movies. This community is open to live journal members who love the movies. This community can be used for movie reviews, movie chat, movie news, dvd chat, gossip on your favorite celebrities, upcoming movies, etc.
a walk to remember, adaptation, adrien brody, al pacino, alexander payne, alison lohman, almost famous, amy sedaris, andy dick, austin powers, back to the future, batman, ben kingsley, ben stiller, bill murray, bowling for columbine, brian dannelly, charlie kaufman, charlize theron, chris farley, christian bale, christina ricci, christmas vacation, christopher nolan, cinema paradiso, clint eastwood, controversial films, crispin glover, david cross, david spade, denzel washington, documetaries, don cheadle, donnie darko, dvds, ed wood, edward scissorhands, equilibrium, evan rachel wood, fahrenheit 9/11, fargo, fight club, film, finding nemo, garden state, gene hackman, ghost world, hellboy, hilary duff, hugh grant, independent films, jack black, jack nicholson, jason schwartzman, jena malone, jennifer love hewitt, john candy, john cusack, john waters, johnny depp, jon lovitz, kate hudson, keanu reeves, kevin bacon, kevin kline, kevin spacey, leslie neilsen, lindsay lohan, little shop of horrors, lost and delirious, lost in translation, love actually, luke wilson, mandy moore, martin short, matchstick men, matt stone, matthew broderick, mel brooks, michael moore, mike myers, monsters inc, movie news, movie posters, movie reviews, movie trailers, muppet movies, naked gun, napoleon dynamite, natalie portman, natasha lyonne, nicolas cage, office space, owen wilson, paul giamatti, piper perabo, pirates of the caribbean, pixar, requiem for a dream, richard curtis, robert deniro, robert rodriguez, roger and me, rowan atkinson, rushmore, ryan gosling, saved!, scarlett johansson, se7en, selma blair, shattered glass, shopgirl, shrek, sideways, sin city, sleepy hollow, spike jonze, star wars, steve martin, strangers with candy, terminator, the coen brothers, the family guy, the life aquatic, the matrix, the muppets, the nightmare before christmas, thirteen, tim allen, tim burton, tim robbins, todd solondz, tom hanks, tommy boy, toy story, trey parker, uhf, vacation, weather man, wes anderson, wet hot american summer, what about bob?, white oleander, will ferrell, willard, william h. macy, woody allen, x-men, zooey deschanel, zoolander